Are you ready to...

Activate Your Body's Innate Healing Power!

...Without Years of Therapy, Expensive Surgeries, or Pharmaceuticals...

Unresolved stress, trauma and negative thoughts get stored and stuck in the SOUL and manifests as

physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that affect every aspect of a human being's life.

Soul to Cell™ Healing refers to the

concept that interference of the soul (energy) body has a direct impact on health and functioning of the cells in the body.

By addressing the unresolved stress

and trauma, even (epigenetic) familial stressors from the level of the soul,

it is possible to facilitate healing and rejuvenation all the way to the

emotional and cellular levels.

Dr. Ken Galera, M.D.

Clinic director for Dr. Mercola

"Dr. Doug is one of my top mentors in healing alongside Dr. Andrew Weil. I now have the confidence and power to help people beyond my wildest expectations… and connect more deeply to who I truly am."

Tison Lui

Chinese medicine/healer

"Dr. Doug’s mentorship allowed me to heal my divorce and attracted a wonderful new husband with Dr. Doug’s healings."

Dr. Rob Gottesman


"Doug taught me more about how to heal patients than I learned from all other technique seminars combined. His Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing work is genius!"

The key to creating optimal Health, Happiness and Success in every area of your life is to (first and foremost) get yourself unstuck from

Survival-Stress mode. 

Survival-Stress Mode: When your brain, body, and subconscious mind have accumulated so much stress that your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic states become overwhelmed, causing your health, relationships, inner peace, and state of

enlightenment to be dysfunctional.

However, tools like talk-therapy, western medicine, and alternative modalities can take years (even decades) to find the root of the problem. And most self-help guru's have limited tools that can actually help you experience a deep level healing breakthrough.

That's why our focus will be on a complete Soul to Cell transformation.

Helping you to improve your brain plasticity, organ-gland functions and hormone levels necessary to heal things like thyroid, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, and neuro-pathway, auto-immune, and neuro-hormonal based conditions.

In this unique, safe and effective healing system, as your brain and body’s cellular and soul energy functions raise up, so too will you develop a deeper embodiment of your true-self, your soul’s purpose, and your ability to express, give and receive love, gratitude and forgiveness. Which activates deep self-healing from the Cell to the Soul...

  • ​Find and resolve your primary feminine/masculine power block.

  • ​Active your anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and immune system functions.

  • ​Clear away the interference to get you on your right identity, raising your self-esteem, confidence and deservingness.

...Experiencing a pain-free, happier, and more fulfilling life while removing the stress and trauma from your past?

As you remove more layers of fear-based consciousness you begin to free yourself from being controlled by others and by your environment. You get in charge of your body, mind to experience real freedom. Likewise, you will be able to more clearly recognize and realize your inner gifts, talents and abilities.

What would your life be like if you could totally

BE YOU fearlessly and feel deeply loved

and accepted for who you are?

This leads to the most successful life possible.

  • Go from survival mode to turning on your Innate cellular-DNA healing power.

  • ​Go from being stuck in reactivity, stress and trauma to getting unstuck, free, and non-reactive from the past.

  • ​Go from pain, stiffness and imbalance to pain-free, flexible, stronger, faster, happier.

If you want to truly heal, from the inside out, and live a life filled with health, wealth, and happiness... I have something for you...

  • ​Find the causes and healing frequencies required to activate innate healing of your specific physical, mental, emotional symptoms and conditions
  • ​Healing frequencies that make you looking and feeling 10 - 20 years younger and more beautiful…
  • ​Go from a fragmented brain to higher whole brain function & plasticity
A 5-step process to help you live 100% energetically aligned and connected to your highest level of purpose, prosperity and embodied LOVE – Where all of life comes to you with ease, joy, magnificence, beauty, and grace...

Thousands have worked with Dr. Doug

to heal chronic pain, past trauma, and deep pain.

Joy's Story

I had staff infection in my jaw that dissolved my bones causing the greatest pain I've ever felt. After working with Dr. Doug, the pain is literally gone!

Zita's Story

My range of motion has expanded! The pain is not there anymore!

Kelly's Story

Dr. Doug helped me discover an underlying shame that caused me so much trouble in life - and I didn't even know!

Zalban's Story

Dr. Doug helped me heal my bladder &

incontinence in less than an hour!

Esther's Story

After spending 5 days with Dr. Doug (after just meeting him two weeks ago), he helped me identify exactly what was stopping me from experiencing more meaningful and significant success.

Agnes' Story

My long term leg pain is completely gone and now I'm walking totally better after just my first 15 minute session with Dr. Doug!

Ann's Story

My fibromyalgia felt like acid was going through my pains. After working with Dr. Doug my pain went from a 7 to a 1 after just 15 minutes!

John's Story

After spending a weekend with Dr. Doug, my headaches were gone, and I started feeling more calm than I've ever felt in my entire life.

It's about cell to cell communication... from Fear to Love.

What You Receive When You Say Yes To...

*** Phase 1 ***

Subconscious Stress Patterns

Step 1 is finding and clearing the outdated Survival-Stress memory patterns you have (in the form of past traumas, stresses, and conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) that are controlling your brain and bodily functions.  


These controlling stress patterns accumulate throughout your lifetime in your cellular, subconscious and soul field memory. They primarily arise from your own traumatic and stressful experiences and from the inherited experiences and projected thoughts of your family lineage and get stuck in you.

Together, we will work through a safe, effective, and proven step-by-step process that finds and clears these stress patterns so you can live truly free.

*** Phase 2 ***

Energetic Cellular Healing

Step 2 is all about restoring the healing energy communication

in and between your cells.   


Cellular miscommunication comes from emotional stress, toxicity and trauma, which downgrade your physical and emotional functions and your ability to make healthy and successful choices. This is why so many people have challenges taking charge of their body, dieting habits,

and behaviors around food. 


When you remove the interfering patterns you are able to align the conscious and unconscious mind with the heart and soul to make the choices that lead to the success you desire or even something better and

wonderfully unexpected!

*** Phase 3 ***

Quantum Medicine
& Gut Eco-System

The body develops a false need for certain substances and activities (like alcohol, fatty foods, sugar, and other dangerous toxins) and these chains need to be broken to get in complete charge of your life.  


Weird but true, the mind and body can also develop an aversion or negative reaction to super healthy things like organic vegetables or even water and this will also be addressed.

Step 3 removes and detoxifies the related stressors of toxicity and nutritional deficiency, while addressing cravings and addictions by improving your microbiome through Quantum Medicine (of which there are only 10 Board Certified practitioners in the world), the good gut bacteria that is a huge part of your anti-inflammation, anti-aging, immune fighting,

and nutrient making systems.

*** Phase 4 ***

Fear To Love Patterns

Step 4 removes deeper layers of Survival-Stress also called fear-based (ego) consciousness. When these deeply encoded Survival stress loops are removed it helps you to raise your vibration from fear to love (consciousness). 

Secondly, many survival stressors are thought, feeling, and belief patterns passed down generationally or picked up directly from our family/parents’ stress environment. The scientific name for this is Epigenetics. 

This process helps you to improve your brain plasticity, organ-gland functions and hormone levels necessary to heal things like hypothyroid, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, and neurological and hormonal based conditions. Which is commonplace in the so-called aging process that has the power to create

healthy youthful side effects.  

*** Phase 5 ***

Divine Masculine
& Feminine Power

Step 5 is activating your divine masculine and feminine power (yes, we all have both). Importantly, you are an energy or spiritual being having a human physical experience. It is important to know that your soul-spirit energy has both a masculine and feminine quality. This has been well known in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. This energy (Chi) is referred to as Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine).  


When you heal and integrate the masculine and feminine aspects of your being and body, the greater things you can do, be and experience. 


Most specifically, when you heal the rift in your masculine/feminine energy self-love, abundance and prosperity will flow into your body and life in a whole new way. You will have a greater spiritual connection.  


Step 5 also includes addressing your specific archetypal patterns that are running you and your life. As you are a unique personality. And the personality or ego has it’s light and shadow aspects. Facilitating you to heal and clear these shadow aspect patterns clears out self-sabotage and allows you to live your highest destiny.  

When you Work with Dr. Doug, you’re not just buying theory or fluff you have to figure out yourself...

Yes, you can heal your fears and traumas...

Yes, you can have more energy and happiness...

Yes, you can be more aligned, whole and filled with purpose...

Yes, you can reduce (and even eliminate) substance dependency...

  • ​Determine what dependency, addiction or weakness you have to any particular substance (food, drink, cigarettes, other) ruining your health and your life
  • ​Evolve your brain - a total brain reboot from its dormant functions to activate higher whole brain functions
  • ​Go from inconsistent or dispersed energy to a higher vibrational coherent energy

Choosing to say yes to joining the Soul To Cell Healing Program, you will receive up to 6 months of professional healing support as you Activate, Detoxify and Evolve so you can experience Transmutation, Abundance, and Expansion!

I will show up to make sure you are making progress and celebrate your success with you every step of the way. 

By the end of our time together, you will...

  • Rid toxic chemicals and toxic energies safely and effectively 
  • ​Improve and raise your cellular and energetic vibration, communication, and awareness   
  • Clear primary relationship emotional reactivity and repression patterns

Thousands have worked with Dr. Doug to heal chronic pain, past trauma,

and deep pain.

John's Story

My entire belief system shifted after my first treatment with Dr. Doug! I found both my thoughts and emotions felt more positive, open, and whole!

Kim's Story

Sciatic nerve problems GONE after 3 years of suffering... I'm sleeping better and NOT feeling stuck anymore in my beautiful life.... Wait till you hear what caused it and how Dr. Doug healed it!

Nick's Story

Dr. Doug integrated my mind, thoughts, and body to adjust my cellular health!

Sarah's Story

Dr. Doug got me to heal chronic childhood illnesses and scoliosis! My "S"-shaped back is completely straight now!

Leslie's Story

Me knee no longer hurts! I can walk faster and can dance again - All thanks to Dr. Doug's full Soul To Cell healing modality!

Rob's Story

This is seriously the greatest healing method I have ever experienced.

Nelda's Story

I have worked with Tony Robbins, Hoffman Institute, and many others... but Dr. Doug's technique is the ONLY long-term healing I've ever experienced!

Patrick's Story

Terrible pain in throat and shoulders for years, over 50% better in just 2 days... And feeling stronger mentally, emotionally and physically!

Are you ready to activate
your body's innate healing power

When You Enroll Today, You Will Transmute...

  • Your cellular aging process to reverse your internal/external beauty
  • ​Fat to a more toned shapely and energized body… and smoother softer skin
  • ​Naturally improve stem cell production
  • ​Low hormonal functions
  • ​Recode your higher pineal gland functions
  • ​Your core human wounds which 10X’s your life experience
  • ​Betrayal into Forgiveness 
  • ​Lies into trust and openness
  • ​Discomfort into confidence and creativity
  • Your 7 energy center blockages to free you to feel more safety, security, wealth and stability in your life and much more… 
  • ​Your ability to express your truth, love, gratitude, power and presence!
  • ​Your 6 energy control systems of the body, which radically improve your age, energy and cellular DNA healing
  • ​The repetitive (karmic) loops in your life

You're also protected with our 7-day guarantee...

A note From Your Healer...

Dr. Douglas Lehrer

Hey there, I’m Dr. Doug, your doctor-healer-coach who will fast track you to your highest levels of health, happiness, and success potential.

Here’s why I am qualified to help you…

I am a 35+ year quantum energy medicine doctor, master evolutionary healer, and developer of Cellular Resonance Soul to Cell Healing. I’ve performed over 500,000 patient sessions that find and resolve the core trauma, stress and epigenetic causes of physical, mental and emotional health conditions — and the correlative familial, generational, karmic, relationship, business, and spiritual issues. 

I’ve been working with professionals, entrepreneurs and CEO’s, as well as entire families to heal and transform themselves on all levels. Radically shifting their inner and outer realities. 

Many call me a miracle worker or Reality Changer!

I have helped tens of thousands of people heal themselves of what most doctors would say is impossible.  

Yes… I’ve helped thousands self-heal all types of neurological, auto-immune and chronic pain syndromes… Thousands self-heal anxiety and depression disorders to chronic and terminal illness. 

My passion is radically transforming my client’s relationships, family dynamics and optimizing their self-worth, confidence, beauty and life success — what they really came here to BE, DO and CREATE… Most importantly raising their vibration from Fear to Love™ aligning and embodying their true self, purpose, and Joy.

See you on the inside!

You Have Questions... I Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Cellular Resonance Soul to Cell healing help me heal my body and emotions, even change my life?

The key here is that my work finds and clears the subconscious patterns on all 3 levels. I have not seen any other healing work, shamanism, western or alternative medicine do this. 

How much time do I need to invest?

Good news! We have a variety of programs ranging from 6 months to 1 day intensives. No matter your time-table, you will be able to experience deep results.

How much support do I get?

As your healer, I will be available to support you during our time together. 

Still not sure if the Soul To Cell Healing Program is right for you? Ready to jump in?

This program is perfect for you if you want confidential and private sessions, want to experience a deep inner transformation and want to finally get the breakthrough you've been looking for.
  • ​Radically evolve and improve your spiritual connection, soul embodiment, and ability to connect with your higher self guidance
  • ​Reconnect and strengthen brain-organ-gland hormonal pathways 
  • ​Remove more hidden blockages that self-sabotage and destroy your happy, healthy and success/purpose driven life

Thousands have worked with Dr. Doug to heal chronic pain, past trauma, and deep pain.

The Squire's Story

Dr. Doug helped us heal our digestive issues and open us up to more hope and love for our lives after just a few sessions!

Shondra's Story

My husband died and the work of my life would've have ended if it weren't for the healing I experienced because of Dr. Doug!

Lexie's Story

I saw my sister and mom experience a huge difference, so I checked out Dr. Doug, and it completely changed my life. He helped me to get out of a toxic relationship and have more success in my fashion career.

Wendy's Story

I feel lighter and more alive than ever... After working with Dr. Doug, I've released stress and lost weight I haven't ever been able to lose in my whole life!

Cindy's Story

After 65 years of healthy living, my body started crashing and I didn't know why. After spending 3 days with Dr. Doug, everything is completely whole again!

Kamele's Story

I had unending panic and anxiety attacks. My life was full of stress and worry, and after working with Dr. Doug, I am so full and healed now! 

Kristen's Story

Dr. Doug helped me uncover deep-seated issues I've experienced in my life and now I feel so fluid, open, and clear to live exactly how I want!

Annemarie's Story

I was suffering with pain all over my body - my hips, my legs... And Dr. Doug's treatments have been miraculous! I can now walk and sleep and digest food so much better!

Kelley's Story

I am forever grateful for all the help Dr. Doug gave me in such a short amount of time...

Zita's Story

Dr. Doug created a miracle when I worked with him!

An Inside Look At Dr. Doug's Life & Work...

Still not sure if the Soul To Cell Healing Program is right for you?

Ready to jump in?

This program is perfect for you if you want confidential and private sessions, want to experience a deep inner transformation and want to finally get the breakthrough you've been looking for.
  • ​Radically evolve and improve your spiritual connection, soul embodiment, and ability to connect with your higher self guidance
  • ​Reconnect and strengthen brain-organ-gland hormonal pathways 
  • ​Remove more hidden blockages that self-sabotage and destroy your happy, healthy and success/purpose driven life